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by Ron on January 8, 2015

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Slicebooks will be exhibiting next week at the Digital Book World Expo in NYC.  Stop by TT#12 for a 5 minute demo of our platform. We’ll show you how you can launch a super-fast custom mobile store in minutes! (We can also tell you where to find the best NY pizza. We’ve done extensive research…)


PubWeekly logoDuring a recent swing through New York we met again with the Publisher’s Weekly team at their office to update them on our new StoreApp. The other day they posted an article about us and the features of the StoreApp. Since we saw them we’ve added a couple of important new features that let publishers brand their own StoreApps.

1. Add your company name

2. Add your own navigation bar color

These updates have been among the most requested by publishers. Now publishers can deploy multiple unique StoreApps to target different niche audiences. Some are creating apps for particular events, and other publishers are planning StoreApps for each series of books.

3 sample apps


Here’s a sample store app filtered by the category, “Leadership”.

Corporate content managers are asking how they can use our Store App for their internal training programs. The new Store App gives a quick and easy way to make just the content they want available to their target audience right now.
Companies can setup a custom Store App with just the content they need for a particular training and embed the app right on their internal sites, or they can embed the app in an email blast to their staff. Staff members can then grab ebooks and slices right from the Store App. Training leaders can also mix and match just the content they need for their training classes using the Remix tool and then make the custom ebook available to attendees instantly on the App. Pretty cool.

And it’s responsively designed!  Click to open this Store App on a mobile device.


Publishers are planning to use the new store app in a variety of ways, both to push direct sales and to grow their vertical markets. For example, store apps can easily be distributed to their associated author sites. Some authors have blogs with large and loyal reader bases with common category interests. The Store App can be embedded on the author site and customized to offer just that content that is of interest to the author’s audience.

Instant Travel Store

Here’s an example of the App embedded in the main body of this blog that has content filtered for a Travel audience. It sizes dynamically to adjust to column width. Users can now browse and putchase content, and create their own custom ebooks, directly within this blog site. Checkout happens within the app as well, so the user never leaves the site.

Or you can open this link to view the app on your mobile device.


app_iphone Embed on any site to create an instant and customizable store

We just launched the new Slicebooks Store App this week and have been demoing it to publishers and distributors this week in Frankfurt. The response has been gratifying. Here’s a look at a demo version. We’ll also embed one on this blog. Feel free to try it out.


R&L is digitizing their journal program and chose our Slicebooks Store platform as the best option for jump-starting the program. We’re also building them a new subscription module.

Here’s the press release.


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