Licensing Slicebooks to Brazil

Minha Biblioteca launches Slicebooks

Our partners in Brazil, Minha Biblioteca, are licensing the Slicebooks platform source code in order to roll out a customized version to the Brazilian market. We’ll continue to provide dev support and other features along the way. This is an exciting step for us as we plan to do the same in other regions of the world. While continuing to target higher ed, Minha will also be exploring the enterprise market as well.

See our white label store site for more information. Read the full press release here.

New white label store in Spain is world’s first first “whole or sliced” short story store

logo3When we first built Slicebooks and talked about the value of repurposing content by chunking books into sellable chapters, publishers and other people would sometimes ask, why would we want to buy a slice fiction? Well, as a rule you likely wouldn’t want to buy just a chapter of a novel. Unless the publisher wisely chose to offer sample chapters, or the author  wanted to experiment with serializing the book over a period of time as Stephen King and other authors sometimes done. Then chunking makes sense.

But short story collections are another story. It always made sense to us to give readers the opportunity to pick and choose what stories they want from a given collection, and to curate their own collection if they wish. Seems a natural.

RelatosRevueltos screenThat’s why we’re so thrilled to partner with Páginas de Espuma in Spain to build “RelatosRevueltos”, the first short-story store to take advantage of the Slicebooks platform. Now fans of Spanish language short stories can browse and grab just the stories they want, or use our ebook curator to mix and match stories and create their own collection. Pretty cool.

Here’s the press release. Money quote:

“We always wanted to allow our readers to create their own short story anthologies mixing their preferred short stories from different books and authors, but it was impossible to do it in print. Nowadays in the digital age, and thanks to Slicebooks remix technology, we can offer this innovative service to our readers,” said Juan Casamayor, Publisher of Páginas de Espuma.

Press Release: New Brazil White Label Store

Pasta store_300We’re excited to be soon launching our first Portuguese white label store, called “Pastadoprofessor”, created in partnership with Minha Biblioteca, a a consortium of leading academic publishers in Brazil. This store is targeted at the Brazilian HigherEd market. Professors will be able to curate and make available custom course packs on the fly using the store’s built-in content remixer, and students will be able to get content whole, sliced and remixed. Pretty cool.

Here’s the press release that went out last week. Money quote:

“ was created precisely to meet the demand of students in acquiring content by the chapter, as well as accessing custom course packs created by their professors, all while respecting copyright”

Press Release: Rowman & Littlefield Launches New Journals Platform Powered by Slicebooks

We’re thrilled to announce our new Journals Store launch with Roman & Littlefield. Now Rowman’s journal customers can get whole issues, individual articles, or mix & match to create custom journals. We also build a new subscription module so that libraries and other institutions can subscribe to digital editions.

Money quote:

“Our users are increasingly demanding more flexibility in how they consume content” said Jed Lyons, CEO of Rowman & Littlefield. “The Slicebooks platform makes it easy for us to break our content into stand-alone articles and gives our journal customers a quick and innovative way to create their own customized journal collections.”

See the press release here. And check out the new Journal Store here.

Slicebooks named semi-finalist at BookExpo Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.33.29 PMBookExpo America, the largest publishing event in North America, just notified us that we are semi-finalists in the BookExpo Challenge! As a reward for reaching the semi-finals we receive an assortment of valuable freebies and the opportunity to present our platform to a group of VCs and other publishing industry folk. If we make it to the Finals we’ll have a shot at the first prize, which is some monetary award they haven’t yet announced. Fingers crossed!

Publisher’s Weekly article & New StoreApp Features

PubWeekly logoDuring a recent swing through New York we met again with the Publisher’s Weekly team at their office to update them on our new StoreApp. The other day they posted an article about us and the features of the StoreApp. Since we saw them we’ve added a couple of important new features that let publishers brand their own StoreApps.

1. Add your company name

2. Add your own navigation bar color

These updates have been among the most requested by publishers. Now publishers can deploy multiple unique StoreApps to target different niche audiences. Some are creating apps for particular events, and other publishers are planning StoreApps for each series of books.

3 sample apps

What the market has been saying (white label)

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.12.45 PMPublishing Perspectives today posted an interview with CEO Jill Tomich about how Slicebooks has evolved over the past three years. Lynn Rosen, who wrote the piece, does a great job summarizing what we’ve learned over the years in the roller-coaster digital content space.

Since we launched the Slicebooks Store a few months back, we’ve repeatedly been hearing from publishers and other organizations with huge content distribution needs that they’d sure like to have a branded version of the store of their own. This feedback has shifted our focus from retail to licensing and services. Over the past few months we’ve been building a two-part white label program that we plan to roll out at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Part one is our Slicebooks Store Web App (we call it “white label lite”) which, as Jill explains in the interview, basically turns our store and all its unique functionality into an embeddable widget. As part of their subscription to Slicebooks Services, publishers will be able to embed the App (or multiple apps) onto their own sites and offer their customers filtered content from the App. And, as we like to say, all content will then be available “whole, sliced and remixable” What this means is that publishers can instantly build vertical markets. Got an author with a blog and a dedicated audience? In minutes that author can embed the Store App, filter the content to suit that audience and become a new sales channel for the publisher.

For organizations who really want to go direct, our white label program is now operational.  We can get you up and running in no time with a privately branded white label version of our Slicebooks Store with all the bells and whistles.