yaBeam-powered app launches in Mexico

We partnered with SayulitaLife.com in Mexico to launch a new yabeam-powered proximity marketing app targeting the fast growing tourist destination town of Sayulita. Called SayulitaPack, the app lets merchants take advantage of yaBeam’s unique platform to launch geofencing and push campaigns featuring dynamic merchant coupons, multimedia news about the town, features about merchants and non-profits and updates on local events.

Check it out on the App Store and Google Play.


How beacons can help publishers

Book Business Magazine just published my article about how publishers can use beacons to reach mobile users.  Money quote:

Beacons require users to have an associated app and to opt-in for notifications, so all communication is voluntarily received. For book publishers to leverage the huge potential beacons offer, you will need to partner with popular apps and new companies that will be focusing on building beacon-based venue networks. In some cases, your content could then be added to a library of content that can be licensed as a package and delivered to brands as a value-add. Or you will be able to purchase listing space on beacons located at niche venues where your content will be featured in alerts to that perfect niche mobile audience.

We will soon be launching YaBeam, a beacon-based mobile marketing platform that publishers can use to engage mobile audiences via “venues” that can be anywhere.  You can signup for alerts about the YaBeam launch here.