Slicebooks named semi-finalist at BookExpo Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 2.33.29 PMBookExpo America, the largest publishing event in North America, just notified us that we are semi-finalists in the BookExpo Challenge! As a reward for reaching the semi-finals we receive an assortment of valuable freebies and the opportunity to present our platform to a group of VCs and other publishing industry folk. If we make it to the Finals we’ll have a shot at the first prize, which is some monetary award they haven’t yet announced. Fingers crossed!

Women’s Leadership Conference 2015

EWIP2015The “Exceptional Women in Publishing” organization recently held their annual “Women’s Leadership Conference” in Berkeley, CA. Jill was asked to participate on a panel with two other highly exceptional women – Charlotte Abbott, content and media strategist, Abbott Communications, and  Fauzia Burke, founder & president, FSB Associates. The session was called, “How to be your own Boss in Publishing” and was intended to inform wannabe entrepreneurs on the perils of following your own path.  The panel spent some time discussing that pros and cons of starting your own venture, and didn’t mince around about  the huge risk and struggle going on your own brings, but the overall enthusiasm of the panel inspired all cubicle-trapped office workers in attendance who dare dream the startup dream.

Launching the Store App at the Frankfurt Book Fair


Embed on any site to create an instant and customizable store

We just launched the new Slicebooks Store App this week and have been demoing it to publishers and distributors this week in Frankfurt. The response has been gratifying. Here’s a look at a demo version. We’ll also embed one on this blog. Feel free to try it out.

What the market has been saying (white label)

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.12.45 PMPublishing Perspectives today posted an interview with CEO Jill Tomich about how Slicebooks has evolved over the past three years. Lynn Rosen, who wrote the piece, does a great job summarizing what we’ve learned over the years in the roller-coaster digital content space.

Since we launched the Slicebooks Store a few months back, we’ve repeatedly been hearing from publishers and other organizations with huge content distribution needs that they’d sure like to have a branded version of the store of their own. This feedback has shifted our focus from retail to licensing and services. Over the past few months we’ve been building a two-part white label program that we plan to roll out at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Part one is our Slicebooks Store Web App (we call it “white label lite”) which, as Jill explains in the interview, basically turns our store and all its unique functionality into an embeddable widget. As part of their subscription to Slicebooks Services, publishers will be able to embed the App (or multiple apps) onto their own sites and offer their customers filtered content from the App. And, as we like to say, all content will then be available “whole, sliced and remixable” What this means is that publishers can instantly build vertical markets. Got an author with a blog and a dedicated audience? In minutes that author can embed the Store App, filter the content to suit that audience and become a new sales channel for the publisher.

For organizations who really want to go direct, our white label program is now operational.  We can get you up and running in no time with a privately branded white label version of our Slicebooks Store with all the bells and whistles.

36 meetings at the London Book Fair

London Book Fair_lgWe just returned from attending the London Book Fair for the first time. Though a schedule of 36 meetings in 3 days seemed daunting when we landed in the gray rain at Heathrow a day prior to the Fair, 3 days later we were so energized by the excited anticipation we encountered from publishers that we felt ready for another round.  We demoed our Slicebooks Publishing Services and Store platform for publishers of all shapes and sizes, from Big 5 media conglomerates to boutique academic presses, global scientific organizations to the creative folks at the Guinness Book of World Records. The Slicebooks mission to help publishers repurpose and remonetize content was well received indeed, and most can’t wait to get their hands on our new eBook Remix App.

And though there seemed barely time to share a warm pint and compare notes at the end of each day, compared to the marathon distances between exhibit halls at Frankfurt, the Earl’s Court center was quaint and easy to navigate in comparison.

But not much time to shake off the jet lag. Our next event will be the Book Expo America 2014 at NYC May 29-31, where we’ll be launching the Slicebooks Store and the eBook Remix App in public beta (fingers crossed).


Slicebooks Store beta, & Frankfurt

Store imageWe’ve been keeping our heads down and pounding hard on getting the Slicebooks Store ready for a publishers-only private beta, so much so that summer seemed to pass us right by. At our home lab here in Denver, seems like just yesterday it was just close to 100 degrees outside, too hot to even ride a bike. But today it snowed a little.

But we are on pace to get the beta going before the end of October.  Lines of publishers are signed up to participate and put our new Consumer Remix Widget through its paces (contact us if you want to join). We’ll then weed through the feedback and tweak-requests and bugs we haven’t identified yet, and then we’ll launch the store live in November. Whew!

In the meantime our meeting schedule at Frankfurt Fair is nearly overflowing. It seems everyone wants to know about slicing and remixing these days. But if you really need a demo drop us a line and we’ll do our best to figure something out.

The ebook remix beat goes on – Slicebooks at BEA 2013

Slicebooks ebook remix widget at BEA 2013At BEA 2013 there were all sorts of stars and celebrities around talking about their books. Jim Carrey, Amy Tan, Robbie Robertson, Jim Gafigan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar… the list goes on.

We saw none of them. Our own star, the eBook Remix Widget, which lets consumers remix their own custom ebooks, kept us too busy.

Slicebooks Booth at BEA 2013 in New York

While last year it was just Jill and I at the booth trying to manage all the demo requests, this year we brought 3 more members of the Slicebooks team to help, and good we did. Between demos, various sales appointments and interview requests from various media organizations like Wired, the Wall Street Journal, AP Radio and Xinhua Media, we were all running full speed. Publishers and distributors from the US, Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia all lined up see Slicebooks in action, and particularly the new Remix Widget.

Any startup that decides to launch not just a new technology but a new and disruptive approach to an established way of doing things must have patience. Sometimes industry digestion can take a while.

Judging from the number of publishers and distributors signing up to use Slicebooks and wanting to adopt our new remix widget, it feels like digestion by publishers and distributors is proceeding even faster than we’d hoped. Publishers are now increasingly agreeing with what we have long been saying –  slicing available content and making books available whole, sliced and remixable by customers is a no brainer.

Slicebooks interview with China's Xinhua Media

An interview with China’s Xinhua Media


 Creative Spaces Inbetween and Slicebooks

Meeting with Danish publisher Creative Spaces, who recently sliced their book, “Creative Spaces Inbetween”




We’re slicing & remixing New York

Slicebooks will be demonstrating our new Consumer Remix Widget at the BEA Expo in NYC May 30-June 1. As part of our demonstration, we’re slicing books with a New York theme and uploading those slices to our Remix Widget. Then to show how easy it is, we’ll let attendees instantly create their own custom New York ebooks at our booth using the Remix Widget on iPads. Should be fun.

Here are a three NY-themed titles that we just sliced and will be including in the NY remix inventory (we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks – if you have a NY-themed book you’d like to include in this promotion, or if you’d just like to request one, contact us):

New York, Whole or Sliced

Mad Men Manhattan ebook

The Little Black Book of New York

Bob Dylan New York ebook