What the market has been saying (white label)

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.12.45 PMPublishing Perspectives today posted an interview with CEO Jill Tomich about how Slicebooks has evolved over the past three years. Lynn Rosen, who wrote the piece, does a great job summarizing what we’ve learned over the years in the roller-coaster digital content space.

Since we launched the Slicebooks Store a few months back, we’ve repeatedly been hearing from publishers and other organizations with huge content distribution needs that they’d sure like to have a branded version of the store of their own. This feedback has shifted our focus from retail to licensing and services. Over the past few months we’ve been building a two-part white label program that we plan to roll out at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Part one is our Slicebooks Store Web App (we call it “white label lite”) which, as Jill explains in the interview, basically turns our store and all its unique functionality into an embeddable widget. As part of their subscription to Slicebooks Services, publishers will be able to embed the App (or multiple apps) onto their own sites and offer their customers filtered content from the App. And, as we like to say, all content will then be available “whole, sliced and remixable” What this means is that publishers can instantly build vertical markets. Got an author with a blog and a dedicated audience? In minutes that author can embed the Store App, filter the content to suit that audience and become a new sales channel for the publisher.

For organizations who really want to go direct, our white label program is now operational.  We can get you up and running in no time with a privately branded white label version of our Slicebooks Store with all the bells and whistles.

Slicebooks Store beta, & Frankfurt

Store imageWe’ve been keeping our heads down and pounding hard on getting the Slicebooks Store ready for a publishers-only private beta, so much so that summer seemed to pass us right by. At our home lab here in Denver, seems like just yesterday it was just close to 100 degrees outside, too hot to even ride a bike. But today it snowed a little.

But we are on pace to get the beta going before the end of October.  Lines of publishers are signed up to participate and put our new Consumer Remix Widget through its paces (contact us if you want to join). We’ll then weed through the feedback and tweak-requests and bugs we haven’t identified yet, and then we’ll launch the store live in November. Whew!

In the meantime our meeting schedule at Frankfurt Fair is nearly overflowing. It seems everyone wants to know about slicing and remixing these days. But if you really need a demo drop us a line and we’ll do our best to figure something out.

Launching at the Frankfurt Book Fair

See Slicebooks at the Frankfurt Book FairWe just launched our new beta edition of Slicebooks and are demoing it at the Frankfurt Book Fair for the next 5 days.  This event expects about 240,000 visitors (!) to pass through.  There are 8 different  large and spread out halls for visitors to navigate, and fortunately there are shuttle buses and a well placed train station near Hall 8 where our booth sits in the Digital Innovation Hot Spot. Tomorrow we present on the Hot Spot stage. If last year is any indication we expect to have a crowd of curious publishers from around the world stopping by.

We have found that the pace of the digital publishing revolution varies country to country. Publishers face a sometimes overwhelming number of choices as they scramble to plan a digital strategy for the short and long term and are often looking for just the easy, quick and common sense solution that Slicebooks presents.

You only have to wander a few of these huge halls to get a sense of the many millions of non-fiction books that are out there in the world. We often make the point that, just as consumers have been able to grab a slice of music for years and create their own playlists, they ought to be able to grab a slice out of any one of those millions of books  with a couple of clicks. The new Slicebooks, which is free for publishers to try, makes it easy as bangers and mash (yes, we are working from an Irish pub tonight) for publishers to slice and remix their entire catalogs in no time at all. We’ll be showing them how really easy it is all week.

Slicebooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Interview with international journalists at Frankfurt Book Fair

International journalists ask questions about Slicebooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

In October we demonstrated an alpha version of Slicebooks for the first time at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

We started the show on the Sparks Stage  showing Slicebooks on the big screen to a standing-room only crowd. we spent the next 5 days at the eBookPie booth showing publishers, distributors, journalists and authors how quickly they can slice and remix content, edit and export metadata and all the other new digital publishing tools Slicebooks puts at their fingertips.

After so many months of development, it was great to finally unveil Slicebooks to the world and receive so much great feedback. It was great confirmation to see how quickly publishers  understood how Slicebooks could immediately help them accelerate their digital publishing programs. A large publisher from North Carolina has the best comment of the week, saying after she sat through the Slicebooks demo, “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

Slicebooks booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Jill demonstrates Slicebooks to publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Now we have to go back, take all that feedback and get Slicebooks ready for beta launch in January. There is still a lot of work to do, but knowing we have a world full of publishers interested in Slicebooks sure helps keep us moving.