Interview with Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives featured Slicebooks today. Money quote:

Why is it that when it comes to music, consumers can download songs or albums, while publishing remains wedded to the idea of downloading an entire book? This was the question Jill Tomich, co-founder of Slicebooks and her colleagues found themselves asking a few years ago:

“Both as publishing professionals and as frustrated content consumers ourselves, we wondered why the publishing world wasn’t offering the same freedom and flexibility that consumers have had for years with music? In this digital world, why can’t I buy a slice of any book I want, and why can’t I easily mix and match content from different sources? We talked to countless publishers and discovered they didn’t have the time, resources or a platform for making what is otherwise an obvious transition. So we created Slicebooks and set out to make all content available whole, sliced and remixable.”


Slicebooks profiled as one of 29 companies shaping the eBook Market

BlueLoop Concepts just published a new report on the future of the eBook market called,

 The eBook Platform Landscape – 8 Trends and 29 Companies Shaping a Market.

Slicebooks was one of the companies profiled.  Money quote:

Not surprisingly, professional and educational publishers have been quick to embrace theSlicebooks service, while traditional trade publishers have been more cautious about the conceptof slicing and remixing. But bottom-up customer demand for more flexibility and choice in gaining instant, searchable access to micro and customized content is pushing trade publishers to slice and remix their catalogs as well. Given the massive demand for fractional works in educational and professional publishing, and itsresulting trickle-down to personal (trade publication) reading, it shouldn’t be long before we see theslice concept taking a significantly more aggressive hold across the ebook landscape at the author, publisher and retailer levels.

Media Mentions

Here is what they’ve been saying lately about Slicebooks and eBookPie.

From MediaBistro’s eBookNewser:



eBookPie Enters the Short-Short eBook Market with Slicebooks

Money quote:

“eBookPie has long been helping authors and publishers sell eBooks in any number of formats, and this week it added Slicebooks, a way for publishers to trim an eBook down to a few chapters and sell it as a separate titles. It enables publishers to affordably leverage their existing catalogs to quickly produce premium short content and generate new revenue.”


From the BookBaby Blog:

The Publishing Industry 5 Years from Now



The Publishing Industry, 5 Years from Now: Theories from the Frankfurt Book Fair

Money quote:

“Musical albums get to be diced up and sold as single tracks. Why not books by chapter? Imagine that you’re taking a trip to Germany, but only going to be in Frankfurt. You don’t need the WHOLE Rick Steve’s guide to Germany. You don’t need the WHOLE Lonely Planet guide. But what if you could buy the “Frankfurt” chapter from the most popular 4 or 5 guidebooks, put them together into a new eBook (like the book version of a themed mix-tape), and download it straight to your phone or eReader? Handy, huh?! The same could be true for technical manuals and computer books, self-help, history tomes, etc.

Allowing consumers to choose and purchase only the part of a book that is most useful to them could turn EVERYONE into a book consumer. Companies like eBookPie are blazing the way here.”


From “” (a leading news resource for all things eBooks in Germany)

“Slice and Mix: E-books are now divided and reshuffled”

Money quote (translated from the German edition):

“Via a special web interface content publishers can not only divide content into sections, but also assemble different elements into a “remix” and re-title it as a new collection. The new content (slices and remixes) can then either be sold on eBookPie or on the usual online distribution channels.”