EarlyAccess is our parent organization and owns both the Slicebooks and yaBeam brands.

Slicebooks is a platform made up of uniquely innovative tools for publishers and a white label ebook store.

yaBeam is a unique location-based marketing engine and content delivery system that uses geofencing to connect publishers, content creators, local merchants and services with mobile consumers. It anticipates the needs of mobile consumers and makes available just the right content and offers at the perfect time and place.

The Team

We’re a small, quirky team of creators and developers who like to work hard but without borders. We’re mostly addicted travelers who enjoy a series of rotating views from our windows while we work. Some lump us into the Digital Nomad movement, and I suppose that’s mostly true, because often our morning standup meetings include links to several continents. Makes navigating time zones tricky, might be morning for one and the middle of the night for another, but that’s the price we pay as we search for good code along with glassy waves.

For more visit yabeam.com or slicebooks.com

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