Meme360 and Xinhua Media (China) Interviews at BEA Expo

When you are demoing something a little new and different like Slicebooks at the BEA Expo, it is wonderful when everyone wants to talk about it and see how it works, and we are always pleased to show them.

But after a few hours of demos you can start feeling a little hoarse and bug eyed. Maybe its called Trade Show Face. And then you turn around and media folks point video cameras and large microphones at you. You smile and quietly wonder if you left any lunch stains on your shirt.

But that’s just me. Jill doesn’t seem to have those worries. She’s just smooth and clear, like in this interview.

Eileen Zar from the Meme360 blog got excited about the poetic possibilites of our upcoming eBook Remix Widget when interviewed Jill at our BEA Expo 2013 booth.

Later, a film crew from Xinhua Media Daily in China (sometimes referred to as “China’s BBC”) stopped by to ask me about what Slicebooks is up to. They commented that while most companies in the Digital Book section seem to be focusing on file conversion (a useful service to be sure) it appears Slicebooks is doing something new, different and exciting.

Well, now that you mention it…

We talked later about slicing Chinese books for the China market, which they thought made great sense. We’re looking forward to getting started with that.

We’re slicing & remixing New York

Slicebooks will be demonstrating our new Consumer Remix Widget at the BEA Expo in NYC May 30-June 1. As part of our demonstration, we’re slicing books with a New York theme and uploading those slices to our Remix Widget. Then to show how easy it is, we’ll let attendees instantly create their own custom New York ebooks at our booth using the Remix Widget on iPads. Should be fun.

Here are a three NY-themed titles that we just sliced and will be including in the NY remix inventory (we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks – if you have a NY-themed book you’d like to include in this promotion, or if you’d just like to request one, contact us):

New York, Whole or Sliced

Mad Men Manhattan ebook

The Little Black Book of New York

Bob Dylan New York ebook