Private beta begins

Slicebooks Store with eBook RemixingWhen to launch your product in beta is an uncertain science.  Feature creep is perpetual, you are never really satisfied, and every day you wake up chewing on a running list of things that you know could be better if you just had a little more time.

But at some point you really do need to let go, open the doors and let your customers weigh in a little.

We’ve been working on the Slicebooks Store for a several months now, and particularly the eBook Remixer. Publishers have been clamoring to play with it, so today we finally started private beta. Hundreds of publishers are joining, and soon we’ll get some real feedback on our progress.

If you are a publisher and want to join the test, contact us.

Slicebooks profiled as one of 29 companies shaping the eBook Market

BlueLoop Concepts just published a new report on the future of the eBook market called,

 The eBook Platform Landscape – 8 Trends and 29 Companies Shaping a Market.

Slicebooks was one of the companies profiled.  Money quote:

Not surprisingly, professional and educational publishers have been quick to embrace theSlicebooks service, while traditional trade publishers have been more cautious about the conceptof slicing and remixing. But bottom-up customer demand for more flexibility and choice in gaining instant, searchable access to micro and customized content is pushing trade publishers to slice and remix their catalogs as well. Given the massive demand for fractional works in educational and professional publishing, and itsresulting trickle-down to personal (trade publication) reading, it shouldn’t be long before we see theslice concept taking a significantly more aggressive hold across the ebook landscape at the author, publisher and retailer levels.

The Private Beta for Publishers starts today (!)

Slicebooks private beta invitation for publishersWe’re pretty excited to get our private beta going today. For this round we selected a few publishers to put Slicebooks through its paces, see what works and what needs attention. They get to slice a few books, create and publish new remixed collections and edit their metadata with the Publisher Dashboard. We will then collect feedback and tweak what needs tweaking before releasing the public beta before the London Book Fair in April.

If you are a publisher of 50+ titles and would like to test Slicebooks, you can still apply to test Slicebooks free here. We’ll keep the private beta open until January 31.